Memory Game - Farm House Edition

Memory Game - Farm House Edition


Great to play at any age - from preschooler up to adults, this match game is designed to be entertaining AND educational. It’s a win, win! These little rounds help build working memory and concentration in a fun, yet challenging way. You can play individually, two-on-one, as a family or big group of friends!

This set includes all the fun and exciting things you would see on a farm - from tractors and big barns, to fresh milk and honey! Collect all the sets to mix-and match for constant fun and increased difficulty.

Engraved into natural birch wood, these vintage-inspired rounds are environmentally friendly and made with sustainability in mind - pass down, share with others and use for generations to come!

  • 20 units = 10 pairs of beautifully crafted, minimalistic wooden rounds

  • Can be played individually or in groups

  • Comes packaged in a cotton bag so kids can easily take it along with them to school or on family trips

  • Memory games double as an educational and learning toy to explain the basics of human mind and memory.

  • No reading required = suitable for children with autism and for preschool developmental games.

  • Rounds measure approximately 2” in diameter

Due to the natural wood grain, the product may vary from pictures shown. Please note these are engraved with a laser machine and therefore, burning around the edges and/or design may occur. This is not a product defect, just an organic result of when fire meets wood :)

Quick Rules:

Each player tries to find a matching pair by turning up two wooden rounds of their choice. If it is not a matching pair, the rounds are placed face down again in the same position. If they do match, the player keeps this pair of cards and has another turn. Kids will begin to use their memory skills to remember where each of the pairs are for their next turn. When all the pairs have been found, players count their winnings. The one with the most pairs is the winner.

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